Southlake Surgery Center

Welcome to Southlake Surgery Center. The goal of our practice is to provide you with a high level of quality, integrity and expertise in all of our surgical and noninvasive cosmetic procedures. We assure you of kind and considerate care from the moment you make your first call to our facility through to the post-operative visits. We have an experienced and professional team whose dedication is to help you feel better about yourself inside and out.

Opting for our cosmetic surgery procedures will place you in the hands of some of the most experienced surgeons in the country. Dr. Vishnu Rumalla and Dr. Jonathan Heistein have extensive experience in all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery. With over twenty-five years of combined active practice, these doctors are well-equipped to help you achieve great results. Whether you are seeking to enhance your breast size, your facial features, or your natural curves, you can trust the skills and the expertise of our compassionate surgeons, Dr. Vishnu Rumalla and Dr. Jonathan Heistein, to give you the results you desire.

It may also interest you to know that we use state of the art surgical machines and equipment. This is the only way to ensure that we deliver high quality and cutting edge services.

Contact us today for more information about our surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Our compassionate and professional team is on standby to ensure you get the treatment you deserve!